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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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SafeLinks Site SSL Certificate Expired


Hi! I hope that also someone from Microsoft right now reading this forum. ;)


I really like SafeLinks feature, but someone from Microsoft just forgot to renew wildcard certificate for So everyone right now clicking links in Outlook and OWA gets an error that Microsoft site is not secure (at least at properly configured internet browser).


I already tried to create the support case, but it still "being assigned".


SafeLinks Certificate ExpiredSafeLinks Certificate Expired

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This might be an isolated case.

Mine is working fine.
For me, EMEA and NAM are not working. Also, people on twitter confirm in some instances.

Hi, right now, after six hours it seems that all servers in all regions are now fixed and working.


I really like Office 365 services, but this is something which Microsoft should address to not happen again.


And what is completely wrong, is the response of technical support. At first, the ticket was routed to Billing Support. After escalation, the ticket was transferred back to technical. Which send me a link to SafeLinks setup and do not even look to description and matter of the case. After initial discussions, they told me that they will disable SafeLinks for customer tenant entirely. In the meantime, the issue was fixed and now we look to get SafeLinks enabled back in the tenant.

I assume there is a configuration issue, but I am not clear what it might be
There is more than one SSL certificate on servers. For example, right now NAM02 expired. But server sometimes servers also certificate which expire in next few days.

NAM04 is still giving me certificate expiry messages this morning (Wed Apr 11 @ 11 am MST)