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Dear experts,

I am currently new to azure and working with it. Does azure automatically detect alerts using machine learning. for example in Qaradar you have to write rules based on logs and when any logs matches the rule that you manually wrote it fires an alert. But I read some documents and it says it will fire an alert automatically, so i waited for couple of days and i have not seen any alerts. Is it because the auto detection is disabled somewhere, if so how do i enable them ? As a guy who does security monitoring with no alerts being generated i am just a sitting duck right now staring at the screen and no work. so can someone please tell me why, do i need to configure rules somewhere to enable them or do i manually write every single rule that i want alert for from custome rule page.  I know that is also an option. But i wanted to know if auto enabled rules will fire an alert than i dont have to write rules.

Hopefully you guys understood what i am trying to tell here.

Thank you!


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