Roadmap for SCC Labels - Mandatory Label

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Hola Everyone,


We would like to move to the SCC labels for the added functionality in other platforms including PDFs. However, we have been unable to do so since SCC labels is missing a setting that AIP has. This is the mandatory label (requiring users to select a mandatory label).


Does anybody have updates or potential dates for when this setting will be available?

Thank you very much.

Maria Y.

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@MariaYacaman - The mandatory policy setting is already available in SCC. It is under the "policy settings" page when you create a Label Policy. The specific setting to select is called "Requires users to apply a label to their email or documents".


Are you not seeing it there?

@markwarnesNow I do. I posted the question in January. I believe it was not available then.

Thank you for getting back. 

@MariaYacaman - That will teach me for reading the date in UK format! Glad to hear you're all sorted now.