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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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RMS Do Not Forward Option Behaviour

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I'm interested to know if anyone agrees with my thoughts around the Do Not Forward (DNF) option in Outlook/OWA, specifically whether it's possible to prevent users from seeing this option in Outlook and OWA.


Per my understanding, the DNF option is not an RMS template but a collection of rights.  Therefore, I also understand why it's not possible to archive this option so users do not see it, as you can with RMS templates.


I see different user experiences in the Outlook and OWA clients.  In a tenant with RMS activated, I have a user that is not licensed and is not part of the security group to permit usage (via Set-AadrmOnboardingControlPolicy),  When attempting to use the DNF option in Outlook, I get an error as the user isn't licensed and not in the correct security group.  However, the DNF option in OWA always works regardless of any user licensing or onboarding restrictions, as long as RMS is activated for Exchange Online of course.


Expected behaviour?  I assume so, but the difference in client experience is not ideal.

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I suggest to ask this question in the AIP Yammer network, where all the MS folks lurk. Here's the address:

Thanks Vasil, I was looking at that in parallel too.

No worries, it's just that not many people bother with this particular space here, and unfortunately I'm not as knowledgeable with respect to AIP as I would like to be :) Getting an answer directly from the MS folks at the Yammer network is always preferred anyway.