Retirement announcement for AIP Audit Logs pipeline forwarding audit logs to Azure Log Analytics

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As per recent announcement, "As of March 18, 2022, Microsoft is sunsetting the AIP audit log and analytics"

Please excuse my ignorance here, but should we therefore be able to see all locations in the Compliance Portal now, under Content Explorer/All Locations - as to this day we are still not seeing any of our on-premises file server locations (where most of our data resides, and the AIP Scanner has been active).

As can be seen from the screenshot below, only certain Cloud locations are showing in this console.

Where is all our on-premises AIP data statistics then?

Or do we have to go back to the (retired) AIP Azure Portal again?

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Good question, not sure. This is a brief explanation

Perhaps better to reach out to the official Microsoft channels, i.e. MS support, to get a more detailed answer.