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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Retention stuck pending and Confirming Retention Enabled

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So under Security and Compliance/Data Goverence/Retention.

We have a policy configured for all exchange mailboxes

when I get the retention policy from powershell I see exchange is all

But when I do a get-mailbox | ft *reten* or ft *hold* everything show's false

So I how do I prove that it's assigned to all mailboxes


Also anyone else had a issue if I set a policy and use the

Retention - Security & Compliance

All locations. Includes content in Exchange email and public folders, Office 365 groups, and OneDrive and SharePoint documents.

It get's stuck pending.  Seems to be a issue if all users accounts don't have skype enabled.  Anyone else seen this as well

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If you have targetted ALL mailboxes, it's stamped on the Organization Config object:


Get-OrganizationConfig | select -ExpandProperty InPlaceHolds


If you have published it to individual mailboxes, it will be visible under the InPlaceHolds attribute.


As for "pending", it's normal to take a while. If it has been few days, open a support case.

Thanks yeh I will get a case open for it.


Although I did try and set the compliance manually on a mailbox and it errored because all was set so thats a good thing


the Get-OrganizationConfig | select -ExpandProperty InPlaceHolds

returned 2 entries grp and mbx