Retention policies vs Label with retention have different behaviour

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Why does retention policies applied to a Site have a different behaviour then a retention policies label apply to document?

Let me explain.

Example 1: Publish à retention policie that retain content for 2 years on site A. Go to document library and delete a document. This document will be moved to the « conservation library » and be remove from the original location. That the expected behaviour.

Example 2: Publish a Label that retain content for 2 years with a disposition review on site B. Go to document library and delete document. You will receive a message telling you that a policy is preventing this. Why since this label doesn’t act has a record so it’s sould let me do whatever à want and move the document to the conservation library no?

I’m trying to figure out if this is the expected behaviour or a bug.

Thanks for you help.
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It has been discussed in several threads here, look them up. There's also an UserVoice item if you want to vote on it: