Retention Labels automatically created??

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This morning I noticed that every document library and list in my SharePoint Online environment had a new option to apply a retention label. Since we have not configured any retention labels in our tenant I was surprised by this. After checking in the Security and Compliance center I found three labels that were created two days ago by our tenant administration account. I'm the only one with the tenant admin credentials and I know I didn't create these myself. Has anyone else had this experience? I want to pull these back because we're not ready to roll out retention policies to the organization and I want to avoid users applying these labels to their content.



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I seem to recall someone from Microsoft talking about a default set of labels to be pushed to tenants that have no labels/policies configured already, but I cannot find an article mentioning this. The idea is similar to the default DLP policy we got a while back.

@Vasil Michev That's what it seems like. I have another tenant where I had been experimenting with labels but hadn't actually published them. That tenant hasn't been impacted. This is the kind of thing that should really come through the admin center updates if it's going to be visible to users.

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@Glen CooperI had the same issue as you. It scared the sh*t out of me that I didn't remember that I created it under my admin account. A whole weekend passed by, thinking how it was possible ... 


I logged a ticket with MS, first response was that it seems I did it, but when a collegue of mine found this post, Thx to him!!! I had some leverage to provide to MS, also thx to you for posting this issue here. 


So they investigated it further and at least a week later, they came up with this url:


To keep the story short, when you click on the menu and choose "Office 365 Security & Compliance" -> Records managemnt -> File plan (and do nothing) it automatically activates the 3 generated retention labels under your account. 


That's it.

@Bluechargertk @Glen Cooper 


They updated the doc's to add this:



Due to customer feedback, we have removed this feature that creates the default retention labels and retention label policy mentioned above. You will only see these retention labels and retention label policy if you opened file plan manager before April 11, 2019.



I'm sure that change was due to people like you two chasing this down.

Thank you for saving me from headaches!!