Retention label behavior

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Hello All,


Can we set 2 different for one single retention label? Example:- labeling a document with 6 months retention label, but with a possibility to delete them after one year.



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So, I have created a retention label in SCC and had chosen only Exchange Email (em.jpg) in the retention policy

Would I be correct, if I assume that this will get automatically applied to all the emails? 

I had created the label and policy yesterday in SCC, but I still do not see them on users emails.

Is there something I am missing?


@thetechguru  the screenshot label is attached



@thetechguru Hello! I've had very busy day at work. Actually I sent those links for guidance as I'm not that experienced working with retention labels and/or retention policies. But I am familiar with them. Do I understand it correct that you've created a label and it's not showing up? Have you published the label as well? I know it can take quite some time before it kick in, so my best guess is that you just have to wait for it!


You can use PowerShell to verify as well. There are several cmdlets if you search the MS docs. And the portal itself of course