Restricting Tenant Access by Country

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MS currently allows tenant restriction via conditional access policies for both O365 and Azure.  Users need P1 at a minimum to get this type of functionality.  It seems to me that restricting your O365 tenant based on geography should be a basic security provision and I'm curious if anyone knows of another way without actually subscribing to P1.  Even though I agree that MFA should also be in place as a precaution, I'm not looking to that as an answer.  Exchange Online allows restriction of mail via geography, why shouldn't the o365 tenant?  I really hope MS adds this ability to their basic toolset in the near future, or maybe someone can steer me in a different direction.

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I'm with you on this, and many other security-related features that require excessive licensing, but the reality is that Microsoft needs to make money out of these.


And no, I'm not aware of any other method to impose geo-restrictions in O365.