Report Azure AD Malware Detections

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Hello together


I need to get the the report from Azure AD Malware Detections
The following link shows this in the Admin Center


Is there a way to do this from within PowerShell (as it's part of a reporting "Suite") to be able exporting it to CSV/Excel in an easier way?
Can this be achieved using the Graph API Module for PowerShell?


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@TechThomas You can have a look at the Get-MailDetailATPReport cmdlet for this.

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Thank you for your fast response and for the pointer

the correct cmdlet for this is Get-MailTrafficATPReport.
If you type the cmdlet Get-MailTrafficATPReport with start and end date, you see all "Verdict Source" types (phish / notspam / Allow / Malware / ...)
you have to make sure that the "Verdict Source" is labeled with malware.
I checked it in admin center and compared the output with "Verdict Source" malware. this matched :)
Ah yes. Lost in cmdlet names. They all look so similar :face_with_tears_of_joy: