Replacing InPlace & Legal Holds with Retention policies

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Hi all!


Quick query if anyone has expertise on this. Might be a fairly straight forward answer!


We have a large number of mailboxes added to inPlace holds within EXOL, and some others configured with Litigation hold for X number of years. These holds have been used for 5+ years, and as new users are added to M365, their mailbox is usually automatically added to one of the inPlace holds within the EAC. In short, like a lot of companies, we're using it as a type of backup solution for mail.

We want to replace this inPlace holds with retention policies. My plan is to obviously create the rentention policies in the Compliance center, before removing the inPlace Holds in EAC.

My question is, when I remove/delete the inPlace holds in the EAC, what happens to the mail that is currently being preserved within each hidden Recoverable Items Folder (Purge, DiscoveryHolds, Version) as a result of these holds? And should my new mail retention policy in the Compliance center automatically preserve the content of these hidden folders?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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Create/apply the retention policies first, then remove the in-place hold. Otherwise you risk loosing data for the period in which no hold applies to the mailbox.