Records Management - Pending Disposition and Disposed Items - UX and Timing

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UX Question:

When a document in SharePoint reaches its retention period end, it appears in the Records Management Solution's Disposition dashboard component called,"Pending Dispositions." 

Is it expected that the document will stay visible/accessible (and mutable if it is not a record) in its SharePoint Library until the disposition is approved, even though the retention period has ended?



How long does it take for an object that has been deleted via the "Approve Disposal" action to appear in the "Disposed items" list? Minutes or hours or days? 

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Our experience:
For records that have a records label where disposition review is required, we found the following to be true:
- Regarding the UX question above: The object stays in SharePoint even after its retention period has expired. It stays there until a user deletes it or the disposition reviewer has approved deletion AND the system processes it (which seems to take many hours or longer). Thus, the object is still available for viewing and editing (if it is not declared a record) EVEN AFTER THE DISPOSITION REVIEWER HAS APPROVED DELETION.
- For timing we are seeing a multiple day delay between the object being approved for deletion in the Pending Dispositions list (and immediately disappearing off the list) and appearing on the Disposed Items list.