Records Disposition Errors

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I'm an independent consultant working with a number of companies who are interested in applying the records management features. However, with my first full implementation I've run across some serious issues with disposition. I have set it up so that most labels require disposition approval. Once items come up for disposition I get errors:

1. When disposing of more than 100 item at a time (I have 1,000s to approve in some cases)

2. When there are a number of documents that are nested deep inside folders (This is due to a drive migration to a legacy library where we are applying retention with the intention of disposing of expired items.


I have tried workarounds to #2 above by removing the label and manually deleting the documents. However, my labels still show pending disposition items even though they were manually deleted.


I do not see these limitations in the published Microsoft documentation. Can someone confirm or point me to other documentation? Or advise? Thanks in advance.



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