Real time labelling with azure information protection

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Is there any method we can enable real-time auto-labelling without open the document when we transfer or download a file to a client computer that aip client installed. I guess it is not possible to classify an external file without opening and saving it with aip client. It is like something needs to trigger the agent. The first thing that comes to my mind is aipscanner, but it is necessary to do a manual intervention to scan for that documents, right? So is there anything that can detect the sensitive data and classify the documents regularly without running the scan command externally and opening the new files?

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You can use Data Loss Prevention policies and/or MCAS file policies to accomplish this

@Dean Gross Thank you for response ! Could you give more info or link about how we can achieve this with dlp solution? 

@Dean Gross Sorry, but it's not the solution that I'm searching for. I am looking for a solution that will scan documents continiously and classify document. The thing aipscanner does but continiously without external intervention.

@ElifarslanYou can integrate AIP with Defender for Endpoint to discover sensitive information on endpoints.