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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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"Connect to rights management servers and get templates" not working!

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IRM is not working on latest Office 365 Pro Plus!


Has anyone faced this before?

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@iMadushaN I'm having the same issue I think. I can receive and reply to encrypted mail, but when I try to create one, the Encrypt button says "Connect to Rights Management Servers and download templates" but nothing happens when I do that.


Office 365 ProPlus version 1912 Build 12325.20344 Click-to-Run


@iMadushaN Also experiencing this issue. Was previously able to use the feature directly through Outlook (Office 365 Pro Plus) but has since been replaced with the RMS error : "Connect to Rights Management Servers and get templates". I have had this issue for at least a month, but haven't had time to report or follow-up on it. 


We are currently running O365 E3 subscriptions for our accounts. This feature was previously available but has since been removed.

@K17ch3n I fooled around with this a bunch today. It's machine specific, and in my case that machine is not domain-joined, either locally or to Azure AD. My domain-joined machine, and my Azure AD domain-joined machine both work. I run the Azure RMS Analyzer tool (and I had to create an app password to do that) and it passes all tests, so I'm stumped beyond that. Any thoughts?

I was receiving the same error when I tried to encrypt my messages. Currently utilizing O365. My fix was > File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Setting > Email Security > Settings >
From here I updated my security settings with the appropriate information along with my signing credentials and encryption certificate. Worked perfectly. I am able to encrypt emails now.
Machine has to be AD joined or Hybrid joined, Office pro plus latest version. Windows recent version or Mac Catalina. Machine has to be enrolled. Check those. Back stage, File menu, in Word for example, try to protect s doc--should load RMS templates.