Question about Sensitivity labels PDF and Sharepoint

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I keep reading in many websites on line that there is an integration between sensitivity labels and pdf files . I tried out on a sharepoint site :  I have a document library with a default labels. When i put Office files the labels are applied , but when i upload a PDF file i dont see the label applied

Is there something i am missing?

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Based on the following article, i cannot seem to find PDFs being supported for automatically applying sensitivity labels on SharePoint:

in addition, you can however manually label PDF files. Please note that when a PDF document is already encrypted you cannot apply new encryption settings. This is an issue, with for example signed documents. As these become encrypted, hence applying encryption will not work.

As a final note, please do know that PDF attachedments are supported in Exchange Online. However you need to enable this explicitly.

Hopefully this is helpfull for you.
PDF files are supported for service side auto labelling in SPO and ODB, and EOL..