Publishing labels to SharePoint sites and permissions

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I have come across an issue I wanted to see if anyone else has found. I am looking into record labels which initiate a disposition review. Upon publishing the labels to SharePoint sites, if I don't have access to the SharePoint site, I can't find it in the UI for the label policy. It comes back with "No site found" even though it definitely exists.





If I add the user to the site with view only access, it suddenly starts appearing. Remove the user's access again and "No Site Found". I would not expect that a user adding a site to the scope of a label policy in the Security and Compliance centre should require access to that site. The user in question is a Global Office 365 admin (and therefore SharePoint Online admin too)


Anyone else experienced this?

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I seem to recall a similar issue a while back, but it was supposed to be fixed - you should indeed have the option to publish them to any site as a GA. Open a support case and report this.

I should have added that I can add the site via PowerShell just fine so it's how the UI resolves or "finds" the site that is the issue.