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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Processing Records Management Events using document metadata values

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I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to process a document as part of a Purview Records Management Event by referencing a metadata value (as opposed to the Asset ID). Does anyone have experience successfully pulling this off? Here's what I've done:


  1. Created a Record Label which is triggered based on an event, and published the label to a site
  2. Labeled the document with the label, and populated a Single Line of Text column called testeventmetadata with the value 12345
  3. In SharePoint Admin Search, identified the column as a crawled property (ows_testeventmetadata) and mapped it to a new managed property I created (testeventmetadata).
  4. Created a new Event in Purview Records Management referencing the Event Type associated with the label. For "Applies to SharePoint/OneDrive items with these asset IDs", entered testeventmetadata:12345


Over three days later, and the document has not been processed (see image). Appreciate any help in getting this to work. For reference, Joanne Klein has achieved this, but using Power Automate vs the UI.



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