Prevent user with delegation access to open an e,mail Protected with AIP



I have the blew question:


An email protected and encrypted by AIP cannot be read by someone who has delegation on the mailbox from the Outlook client . also this person can read the encrypted email if he opened it from OWA.

-As per this link I think it is normal that the one who has delegation or full access can open  an email protected with AIP.

-So My question is there a solution with (AIP or not) to prevent someone with delegation to open a protected email (like the case of outlook)?


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@Karim Hossam Hey! I replied with a lot of info (thought it was a shared mailbox). I just now realized it's a delegate's access such as the assistant permission to an executive. You did not attach any link so maybe that's why I missed it. Anyway for your scenario they are "thinking about it".