Prevent B2B invites for 'personal' accounts

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    We are looking to enable B2B in our tenant.


Essentially - we only want to be able to invite B2B identities if they are 'Work or School Accounts' & create them as cloud IDs (and manage the identity lifecycle) if they are not.


I've read (all?) the documentation and I am unable to see how we are able to accomplish this.
 - The best solution that I could find would involve whitelisting/blacklisting specific fqdns? 


Is it as simple as removing 'Microsoft Account' from the configured identity providers?
 - Is this possible (seems not to be?) 


Thoughts/experiences most appreciated.
 - If this is not an out of the box feature - is there an API that we can query to validate the account type? (we are looking to build an automation process for this so an API call would work well)


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