Potential bug? - "Justification Required" prompt pops-up unnecessarily

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Clicking on a already selected sensitivity label from the 'sensitivity drop down' (across all Office Apps including Outlook) pops up the 'Justification required' prompt and that doesn't make sense. Ideally it should not prompt if you click on the currently selected label but only when 'Downgrading' the sensitivity level. 


Ref: Unclassified is already selected. I'm simply clicking on the same (highly likely a normal user case)



And it prompts for Justification although I've not changed anything.



This seems to be well known? as I've seen it across multiple tenancies. Thought of posting here to understand from others/shout out to Microsoft.


Appreciate any useful insights you may have!

Thank you 

Manoj K

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@Manoj Karunarathne 


hmmm no responses.


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I am also getting this error