Possibility of labeling Incoming emails through AIP


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Just wanted to know whether we have possibility of labeling Incoming emails through AIP. I have a requirement of labeling all emails which coming from specific domain.


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@dilanmic Hi, I believe you can. Go to the Exchange admin portal and Mail flows -> Rules. This is where you specify your requirements, look at my dump and that bottom part, that's where you select your template or published label.




thank you @ChristianJBergstrom 


I have tried this transport rule and auto labeling service on compliance center, but neither of these working so far.


But I have noticed, If I change action to something else rather than classifying, it will work work in both scenarios.








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@dilanmic Hi, sorry.. I have been away lately. I replied in a rush previously so didn't even try it out. but now I have and get the same results as you. So even though we have those options it doesn't seem to do the trick. Now I haven't given any of the methods any propagation time really, but as you don't get the desired behavior it might not be possible for incoming emails, thinking the service perhaps need the emails to be only initiated from, or being stored at rest, within the org. I don't know right now to be honest. Let me know if you reach out to the official support or get some other results, thanks!

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@dilanmic Hello again, just did some reading and this brief line appeared.


"You can't encrypt inbound mail from senders outside of your organization."

Thank You very much @ChristianJBergstrom.


I'll let you know if I get green light from official support.