Our Secure Score has dropped as of 19-Sep-2018

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We had been able to consistently keep our Secure Score up above ~200 with performing weekly reviews and gaining scores for it.  It seems that recently something has changed, since 19-Sep our score has dropped to below 150 and stayed there.  We have not been able to get it back up again, when I compare our action items from 2 months ago with action items today I find that 5 actions are no longer offered as of today and I suspect that's why.  I have underlined those action items in the attached screenshot.

I see a higher target score of 500 to 600 now in the dashboard versus an earlier target score of ~300 which means to me we should now have more opportunities to even score more than 200 but on the contrary we are getting a lower score.

Any advice/suggestion or comment is appreciated.  We are looking to determine the cause behind the drop of our score and suggestions to fix it.

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