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Orphaned Parent Labels

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When testing I created a label that was used as the default in a label policy. I have since used the same label as a parent label to multiple sublabels. The issue is I now have orphaned parent labels that have been applied to items. I would like to lift and shift all items labeled with a parent label to one of the sub labels. 


I have not found a good way to do this programmatically. 


For instance 100 Items labeled "Internal". 


Internal is now the parent label to "Internal - General", and "Internal - HR" Neither Parent label or Sub Labels have a protection template associated with them. However, when I run the PS against the Parent label to delete, I obviously cannot as it exists as a parent label. 


Is there a good way to grab the GUID for each and apply one of the newer sublabels so I no longer have orphaned labels?

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If a File was already labeled with a standalone label it isn't a good idea to change it to a parent label.
You could use content explorer to find those files and relabel them manually.

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Thank you for the reply. I would not be moving an already labeled item from one parent label to another but from a parent label to a sublabel created under the parent label. I have written some PS to accomplish but so far I have been unable to complete the task programmatically. 


The parent label was used for testing and the sublabel was created under the parent label after testing was complete, so, I have 40k labeled documents with an orphaned label. Relabeling manually wouldnt really be an option. 

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