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I've been a microsoft windows operating system user for quite a few year's now, as I remember ever since version 3.1 so as you can see that's a long time. So my main concern is with the seemingly increasing amount of cyber attacks as well as additional amounts of malicious malware & viruses increasing all the time, should I feel safe by just using the windows security software that comes built-in to the ms operating system ? I tend to enjoy looking up information and reading as much about online security as possible because I want to feel like I'm safe when I browse the internet. Would you mind sharing your opinion (which I do in fact value) concerning this matter. For additional reference I had first contacted a community manager concerning this question (Trevor Rusher - @Trevor_Rusher) and he suggested that I post my question in this particular discussion group.


David Wright   

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Hi David,

So, Windows Security includes Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which right now in my opinion is as good as anything else that is out there right now.

This article explains things in more detail - - such as if you have another AV program on your device, then Windows Security will automatically turn off.

Are you a standalone user, or is your Windows device connected to a business domain via Active Directory, or Azure Active Directory? If your computer is part of an organisation, and you have M365 E3 or E3 licencing, then you may have access to a multitude of additional protection features in M365 Defender such as Application guard, Safe Links, Safe Attachments, and more.

In short though, the current security offerings from Microsoft are the best there is in my opinion. As with any products designed to protect you however, they are only as equal to the awareness of the people using them. If you are diligent and vigilant, this will stand you in good stead too.

Hope this helps you. Any more questions, just let me know.



Thank you so much for your timely reply, I'm a standalone user who's just concerned more & more about malware as well as viruses. I've even considered installing malwarebytes on my computer which I would consider as added protection, but then again do I really need to ? Happy New Year, Please Stay Safe & Healthy.


No harm in installing Malwarebytes for some extra protection to Defender.

Best wishes to you too David.