OME messages saved to MSG files can't be opened by coworkers

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I've noticed that if a message sent by a coworker to an external party is saved as an .msg file (which may include PDF attachments) cannot be opened by me.


I have two questions as a result:


1) How can I enable the scenario that, by default, when a coworker saves a message from Outlook (for Windows) to a .msg file that any coworker with access to the .msg file can open the message, including the ability to read it and any (Office & PDF) files that were attached?

2) How can I "fix" any existing .msg files to open up the permissions?

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If anything - I would welcome the fact - the danger of *.msg files being transported without correct security leaves a massive risk to company data leakage and HR confidential information being transported. the practice of *.msg files should really stop email forwarding should be the route or when critical offline storage print to pdf (though that practice is also risky unless your rbac is setup correctly)