Notification of unusual application access

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We have received a message in O365 Message Center with this headline "Notification of unusual application access". The message says:


We’ve identified that one or more of your users has granted an application access to data that is associated with behavior that violates the Microsoft terms of service, such as spoofing another application or publisher.


Plus a lot more. The message unfortunately doesn't say which app it is or how we can identify it. Can you help?

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@Jakob Rohde - we received the same message this morning, and I had the same question.

Have you checked through Cloud App Security (

Or through => alerts?

@Thijs Lecomte Yes. Nothing suspicious to see.



@Jakob Rohde 


I would like to bump this as well. I had received this same alert for OneDrive for three users. I opened an MSFT ticket and for some reason they seem as confused as me. I can't find this alert anywhere in our system. I checked security, compliance, security and compliance, azure etc. and I cannot locate that alert anywhere. 


In addition, I can no longer find the alert in my message center!


I know that this was a preview alert and I am wondering if they pulled it.