Not seeing all activity

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While doing some reading I came across the below article about viewing label activity


The article says you can see a number of activities listed as:


  • File created
  • File modified
  • File renamed
  • File copied to cloud
  • File accessed by unallowed app
  • File printed
  • File copied to removable media
  • File copied to network share
  • File read
  • file copied to clipboard
  • Label applied
  • Label changed (upgraded, downgraded, or removed)

My problem is when I go to the Label activity explorer I only have two options (Label Activities and Label changes).  I don't see all the other useful activities such "File copied to removable media".  I have the necessary license, Office 365 (E5), applied to the accounts. 


I've done testing by copying a labeled file to a USB and get no activity.  I think I have all the right permissions but maybe there is a role or permission within the Security and Compliance portal I need?  


Can anyone help shed some light on this?



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Yes, in short, you need Microsoft Defender ATP if you want to have visibility in the logs for events such as copying files to USB and many of the other items above.