Not getting DLP policy matches

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I uploaded some test files from to my OneDrive site. I have created 2 DLP policies, one with US PII and the other with Financial PCI templates. The reports are not finding any matches. When I do a SP search, the test files are found, so I know that they have been crawled. How long do I have to wait for DLP Policy Matches? what else can i do to troubleshoot?

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One thing that took me a while to figure out is that you need to provide some context in your files or emails. You can't just have a credit number by itself and expect it to find it. The algorithms are looking for words like "credit card, amex, routing number, visa, expiration date, ssn, etc."

Once I started putting additional text like that in my test files and test emails, then the policies started triggering.

Jason Hartman

one of my files contains Visa followed by a card number, another contains Visa MC AMEX in the column header and then the card numbers in that column. I would expect these to trigger the rules. One of the files also contains SSN in the column header.