New Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services Showcase Videos

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First published on CloudBlogs on Dec, 11 2012

Hi, Klaas here again.  I wanted to point out the showcase videos we produced to help explain some of the great features we’ve shipped in Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services. In May I provided an overall functionality overview where the following videos focus on a specific area and include demos to help explain the key features we provided.

· Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Overview – Summary of the value of Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012

· Quick VDI Wizard – Set up a virtual machine based deployment on a single server.

· Set up an RDS VDI deployment – Set up a virtual machine-based deployment.

· Set up an RDS session deployment – Set up a session-based deployment.

· RemoteFX – Learn about the enhancements made for end user discovery and experience.

I hope these videos help clarify some of the key features we provided in Windows Server 2012.  If there are specific features that you would like to see covered in a video, please do comment on this post.


Note: Questions and comments are welcome. However, please DO NOT post a request for troubleshooting by using the comment tool at the end of this post. Instead, post a new thread in the RDS & TS forum . Thank you!

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