New Videos: Watch "Enabling RMS Everywhere", check out new Information Protection channel on Channel 9 @ MSDN
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First published on CloudBlogs on Mar, 27 2013

Hi folks,

We in the Information Protection team have been super busy answering your toughest and hardest questions and trying to create content that will help you better understand the value and possibilities of all the good new work going on right now in the RMS space.

To that end, we on the Information Protection team have launched our very own Channel 9 video channel at where we are are starting to post a series of Webinar videos that will help show all the cool things starting to come online here.

The first video is out now. It's called " Enabling RMS Everywhere " and covers the updated RMS story end-to-end. Customers who have seen or heard this talk have been telling us they are LOVING this new story. The video is a bit long even for a full-fledged Webinar (1 hour and 45 minutes) but given how much we have to cover to address all of the various permutations for customers (from those who are cloud-ready to those who are cloud-adverse) it does start out gently and quite generally and then gradually builds from being a 100-level talk to a 300+ level talk.

We've done a ton of work to address the issues that customers have most complained about over the years with RMS, which include application reach (not enough apps support it), device reach (it's not usable on the full breadth of devices widely used), and other challenges in enabling key scenarios.

But it does help to remind folks that right now you can…

  • Turn on RMS in Office 365 in less than 30 seconds (for E3 and E4 plan purchasers).
  • Use the Office 2013 protection features with your E3/E4 seats
  • Securely collaborate with other Office 365 tenants
  • Enable Exchange DLP to protect files
  • Enable SharePoint Online 'Secure Libraries'
  • Consume protected content on the following platforms:

..and there's plenty more coming soon from where all of the above came from -- so stay tuned here and remember to catch us on Channel 9 as well!


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