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New version of the AIP client


In a continuous effort to bring some life to this place, I present you with some information about the  newly released version of the AIP client:


Released: 03/15/2017

Change to requirements:

The previous version introduced the new prerequisite of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 for the full client. Although not recommended, you can bypass this prerequisite with a custom installation parameter, DowngradeDotNetRequirement. For more information, see the client installation section from the admin guide.


    • Support for mapped drives to classify and protecting files.

    • Support for large files ( >250 MB) in the viewer.

    • When HYOK is configured, Outlook can apply labels that are configured to use Azure Rights Management templates or AD RMS templates.

New features:

  • The ability to set custom permissions from your Office application, which lets you set protection just for you, for external groups, or all users in another organization. For more information, see Set custom permissions for a document from the user guide.

  • PDF files now support labels that apply classification-only.

  • For PDF files, the viewer now supports options such as search, zoom, and rotate. To use these options, right-click on the file when it is displayed in the viewer.

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