New Mobile App Management features in Intune

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First published on CloudBlogs on May 16, 2016
You may remember that, last Fall , Satya spoke at an event in D.C. that highlighted the need for a new approach to security – and what Microsoft was doing to better protect everyone. At the time , I noted that the threats facing today’s organizations are far more complex, aggressive, and malicious than ever before. Even compared to just a few years ago, the threat landscape has rapidly evolved from unsophisticated mischief, to organized crime syndicates, to nation states intent on financial gain, IP theft, and terrorism. The work we have done to build new features into Intune that directly address these needs for improved security is pretty jaw dropping.  In particular, check out this Microsoft Mechanics video where two of our resident experts take a demo-heavy look at the latest MAM capabilities in Intune, particularly how to define policies to stop data leakage, managing apps without requiring device enrollment, and setting up protection for Office apps.   You can go in-depth on a lot of these features (and more) via this post on the Intune blog . To try these features for yourself, check out .

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