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If you haven't noticed yet, we have added a new blog to our SCI Tech Community family! With the recent announcement of Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management in public preview, this product/solution now stands apart from Defender for Endpoint and deserved a dedicated space all on its own to showcase the latest updates, tutorials, and news.


In addition to all the existing vulnerability management capabilities currently available, Defender Vulnerability Management will provide consolidated asset inventories, expanded coverage, and critical new capabilities including:

  • Security baselines assessment 
  • Browser extensions assessment
  • Digital certificates assessment
  • Network shares assessment
  • Blocking vulnerable applications 
  • Vulnerability assessment for unmanaged endpoints


What do you all think of this latest update to the Microsoft suite of Defender products? Are you planning on Signing up for the free 120-day public preview?


Let me know in the comments below!


Figure 1: Manage vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management.Figure 1: Manage vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management.

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Can you clarify licensing please, it mentions that for Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 you can simply have the addon on top to get the enhanced features, but can you please confirm that the addon will be included in the E5 license?
Also, I'm assuming that the current naming Microsoft Vulnerability Management will now be replaced with Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management, is that a correct assumption?