New EMS + Skycure integration helps ensure devices are risk free before accessing corporate resources

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First published on CloudBlogs on Mar 27, 2017
Today we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of our integration with Skycure , a leader in the mobile threat defense space. The integration between Skycure and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security gives organizations more confidence that devices are risk-free and secure before users access corporate resources. Mobile devices can be susceptible to sophisticated threats under the guise of seemingly harmless scenarios that end users execute on their devices. For example, connecting to a coffee shop Wi-Fi access point could open the user’s device to a man-in-the-middle attack. Installing a seemingly harmless app could expose the user to malware that can exploit platform vulnerabilities or access the camera without their knowledge. Skycure’s real-time mobile threat protection leverages a public app for guaranteed user privacy and simple maintenance, plus global crowd-sourced intelligence to ensure protection from zero day threats. The solution is designed to proactively protect against all mobile threat vectors—malware, network-based risks, and OS and app vulnerability risks—to help you identify and remediate these risks before they become a problem. This integration makes it easy for you to apply Skycure’s threat detection as an additional input into Intune’s device compliance settings, giving Intune dynamic control over access to corporate resources and data based on Skycure’s real-time analysis. Once a threat is detected, Skycure immediately applies on-device protections and notifies Intune to enforce device status changes and conditional access controls to ensure that corporate data stays protected.

Skycure and Intune work together to make sure only low risk, compliant devices can access corporate resources.

Visit our documentation site for more details on how to deploy and use Skycure with Intune. You can read more about how Skycure defends against mobile threats . Note that any necessary licenses for Skycure products must be purchased separately from Intune and/or EMS licenses.
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