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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct, 22 2012

Hey folks,

One of the things that we have heard as a request from many of you who work with RMS and AD RMS regularly is " How can I get access to all the best practices and expert guidance that will help me make the best decisions when planning, deploying and supporting my AD RMS infrastructure? "

As some of you might recall, to help address this request and to get this type of knowledge out to customers, our senior PM for customer and community, Enrique Saggese, put together a series of videos for TechNet Edge a couple years back to help provide this type of content. If you're curious about those, you can read more about that in our earlier blog post on that here .

Today, however, I'm pleased to see that much of that content from the videos that Enrique did has been adapted and updated and is also available in a single document on TechNet Library. If you are looking to do some one-stop shopping in gathering up all the "best of" AD RMS best practices, you definitely will want to check out this new guide!

AD RMS Best Practices Guide:

Thanks to Enrique, Pat Hoffer and Brad Mahugh who helped to get this guide authored, adapted, reviewed and updated for your enjoyment.

- Dan

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