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New Blog | Respond to trending threats and adopt zero-trust with Exposure Management


By Brjann Brekkan


In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations face a daunting challenge: managing their security posture effectively. With an ever-expanding attack surface, including cloud services, endpoints, apps, increasing use of SaaS applications and different types of accounts and identities, it has become more important than ever to implement proactive processes to prevent threats.  As cyber threats become more sophisticated, organizations must stay ahead of the curve. The ability to implement processes to identify, assess, and remediate exposures is essential for maintaining a robust security posture.


In March, we announced the public preview of Microsoft Security Exposure Management that addresses the need for a unified solution that brings together disparate data sources, enabling security teams to make informed decisions. We introduced the concept of Security Initiatives that simplifies security posture management and helps you to assess readiness and maturity in specific security domains.

Security Initiatives take a proactive approach to managing security programs towards specific risk or domain-related objectives. Domain initiatives can relate to workloads such as endpoint, cloud and identity, enabling security to work closely with IT operations teams responsible for each workload to prioritize the proper implementation of key security controls.




Once you determine the objectives of your security organization, the Security Initiatives help you identify areas for improvements, real exposure or unmet implementation of essential security controls. Each initiative has a score that represents the organization’s progress in implementing the recommendations and can be used to track and report on their work in managing exposure and minimize risk.  



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