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What’s New: Azure Sentinel: Zero Trust (TIC3.0) Workbook - Microsoft Tech Community

The Azure Sentinel: Zero Trust (TIC3.0) Workbook provides an automated visualization of Zero Trust principles cross walked to the Trusted Internet Connections framework. This workbook leverages the full breadth of Microsoft security offerings across Azure, Office 365, Teams, Intune, Windows Virtual Desktop, and many more. This workbook enables Implementers, SecOps Analysts, Assessors, Security & Compliance Decision Makers, and MSSPs to gain situational awareness for cloud workloads' security posture. The workbook features 76+ control cards aligned to the TIC 3.0 security capabilities with selectable GUI buttons for navigation. This workbook is designed to augment staffing through automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, query/alerting generation, visualizations, tailored recommendations, and respective documentation references.

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