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New Blog Post | Troubleshoot and Manage Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention for your Endpoint


Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (Endpoint DLP) is part of the Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite of features you can use to discover and protect sensitive items across Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft Endpoint DLP allows you to detect and protect sensitive content across onboarded Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS devices. Learn more about all of Microsoft's DLP offerings.


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to assist you in navigating any potential challenges with your endpoint devices for Microsoft Purview Endpoint DLP! This playbook provides detailed instructions for effectively managing your Endpoint DLP setup and resolving situations that could compromise its effectiveness. Tailored to enhance your understanding of device health, this resource empowers you to implement self-remediation actions, ensuring you can address concerns on your own.


Step 1: Verify Your Device Health Status

The device onboarding page serves as your one-stop destination for monitoring the current status of all your onboarded devices. In the effort to evaluate the health of your devices, it’s crucial to understand the device configuration and policy synchronization status. When assessing the device configuration and policy sync status, there are three possible scenarios you may encounter, each requiring specific actions for resolution.


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