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Original post: New Microsoft Intune Suite helps simplify security solutions - Microsoft Security Blog


Today marks a significant shift in endpoint management and security. We’re launching the Microsoft Intune Suite, which unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions into one simple bundle. The new Intune Suite can simplify our customers’ endpoint management experience, improve their security posture, and keep people at the center with exceptional user experiences. Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365 deeply integrated with the Intune Suite will empower IT and security teams with data science and AI to increase automation, helping them move simply and quickly from reactive to proactive in addressing endpoint management and other security challenges.


Microsoft Intune is an industry-leading, unified endpoint management solution that organizations depend on to ensure their devices, operating systems, and apps are up-to-date, protected, and performant. Yet evolving work habits and security threats, tougher economic climate, and growing diversity of devices mean that organizations need more help in reducing complexity. Consider this: in a recent survey, two-thirds of respondents were using more than ten tools to manage and protect their digital estate.1 More individual tools mean more management overhead, more attack surface, and more licensing costs—all things organizations need to reduce.

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