New Blog Post | The federal Zero Trust strategy and Microsoft’s deployment guidance for all



The federal Zero Trust strategy and Microsoft's deployment guidance for all - Microsoft Security Blo...

You’d be forgiven for missing the White House announcement on federal Zero Trust strategy on January 26, 2022.1 After all, on that day alone a Supreme Court Justice announced his intention to retire, the Federal Reserve announced its plan to raise interest rates, and the State Department was busy trying to reduce international tensions.

Even if it didn’t lead the evening news, the security announcement is a crucial milestone for all those that understand the importance of a Zero Trust model and are working hard to implement it. It’s no secret that government support for a technology can turbo-boost adoption—ask anyone who uses GPS, the internet, or electronic medical records.2 US Federal Government support for Zero Trust is similar: the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has started an accelerated adoption curve for tens of millions of new endpoints.


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