New Blog Post | Stream Microsoft Defender for IoT alerts to a 3rd party SIEM



Stream Microsoft Defender for IoT alerts to a 3rd party SIEM


As more businesses convert OT systems to digital IT infrastructures, security operations center (SOC) teams and chief information security officers (CISOs) are increasingly responsible for handling threats from OT networks.


Defender for IoT's built-in integration with Sentinel helps bridge the gap between IT & OT securitychallenge. Sentinel enables SOC teams to reduce the time taken to manage and resolve OT incidents efficiently by providing out-of-the-box capabilities to analyze OT security alerts, investigate multistage IT/OT attacks, utilize Azure Log Analytics for threat hunting, utilize threat intelligence, and automate incident response using SOAR playbooks.


Customer engagements have taught us that sometimes customers prefer to maintain their existing SIEM, alongside Microsoft Sentinel, or as a standalone SIEM.

In this blog, we’ll introduce a solution that sends Microsoft Defender for IoT alerts to an Event Hub that can be consumed by a 3rd party SIEMs. You can use this solution with Splunk, QRadar, or any other SIEM that supports Event Hub ingestion.

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