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New Blog Post | Sharing access to Workbooks in Azure Security Center


AshleyMartin_0-1631196618380.jpegSharing access to Workbooks in Azure Security Center - Microsoft Tech Community

Azure Workbooks are a great way of analyzing and visualizing various data in Azure. Azure Security Center (ASC) provides several built-in workbooks to track your company’s security posture, e.g. Secure Score or regulatory compliance. You can also create your own custom workbook that fits your specific needs or deploy one created by the Security Center community from our GitHub repository. You can find more information about how to set up and use those workbooks in our documentation.


As a security professional working with ASC, you likely already have access to all its features and capabilities. Once in a while, especially when it comes to reporting, you may need to share this information with someone, like your management, who does not know how to use the ASC dashboard or does not have permissions to access it. Today we are going to discuss exactly how to handle this situation. As of this writing (September 2021) ASC provides four out-of-box workbooks that use different data sources for reporting.



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