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New Blog Post | Share data near real-time w/ Msft. Purview in-place data sharing for Azure Storage



Share data near real-time with Microsoft Purview in-place data sharing for Azure Storage


Seamless data sharing between organizations eliminates data silos, facilitates data-empowered decisions and unlocks tremendous competitive advantages . Traditionally, organizations have shared data with internal teams or external partners by generating data feeds requiring investment in data copy and refresh pipelines. The result is higher cost for data storage and movement, data proliferation (i.e. multiple copies of data) and delay in access to time-sensitive data. Near-real time access to data is the key to harnessing the true power and scale of big data in enterprise data lakes to effectively realize consistent and reliable data driven decisions.

We are excited to announce the public preview of Microsoft Purview Data Sharing, which enables in-place data sharing for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS Gen2 ) and Blob Storage. Data providers can now share data in-place from ADLS Gen2 and Blob storage accounts without data duplication, and share within and across organizations. They can also centrally manage sharing activities within Microsoft Purview, a unified data governance solution . Data consumers can now have near real-time access to shared data. They can also use this shared data for any of their processing and insights needs and gain value at cloud scale faster than ever before. Storage data access and transactions are charged to the data consumers based on what they use, and at no additional cost to the data providers.


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