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New Blog Post | Securing the Clouds: Navigating Multi-Cloud Security with Advanced SIEM Strategies


This first article is by a team of Microsoft experts who share their insights and experiences in establishing a comprehensive security posture in a multi-cloud environment. It explores strategies for achieving a unified security stance, implementing Microsoft's security solutions, and realizing the benefits and greater insights of a multi-cloud SOC. It also explores how a threat-based approach is beneficial for helping organizations stay ahead of adversaries in this modern AI world.


Multi-cloud challenges and SIEM limitations

The era of cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, providing flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. However, the transition to and implementation of multi-cloud environments comes with a unique set of security challenges. These include disparate data formats, varying security protocols, and the sheer volume and velocity of data traffic that traditional SIEM tools were not originally designed to handle. Organizations that take proactive measures and who leverage a modern SIEM strategy with the correct balance of tools, including moving from best of breed to best of platform, and who work towards reducing complexity will be less vulnerable to attacks and better positioned to thrive.


Diverse data and inconsistent protocols 

Significant complexity arises from the need to manage and secure disparate data types across different cloud platforms. Each cloud service provider (CSP) has its own set of tools and services, with varying logging formats and protocols. Traditional SIEM solutions struggle to integrate this diverse data and are often designed with a single, on-premises infrastructure in mind. As a result, they were not originally designed to handle the complexity, scale, and variety of data sources that exist in today's hybrid and cloud-based infrastructures. Their architecture and capabilities are often limited to on-premises use cases, making it challenging to effectively ingest, process, and analyze the wide array of data generated by diverse sources in these environments. This, in turn, can lead to gaps in monitoring and analysis. 


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