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New Blog Post | Scenario-based troubleshooting guide - DLP Issues



Scenario-based troubleshooting guide - DLP Issues - Microsoft Tech Community


Compliance team / IT admins play a vital role in the organization to ensure the firm complies with business standards and industry regulations. When it comes to data, the detection and protection of data are among the most important tasks that any business has today.


With the help of Office DLP, it makes it easier to identify, monitor, and protect the sensitive data across:


  • Microsoft 365 services such as Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive
  • Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS (Catalina 10.15 and higher) endpoints
  • non-Microsoft cloud apps
  • on-premises file shares and on-premises SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 DLP detects sensitive items by using deep content analysis, not by just a simple text scan. Content is analyzed for primary data matches to keywords, by the evaluation of regular expressions, by internal function validation, and by secondary data matches that are in proximity to the primary data match. Beyond that, DLP also uses machine learning algorithms and other methods to detect content that matches your DLP policies.



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