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Practitioners guide to effectively managing insider risks (UNCOVERING HIDDEN RISKS – Episode 5) (mic...

The following conversation is adapted from transcripts of Episode 5 of the Uncovering Hidden Risks podcast.  There may be slight edits in order to make this conversation easier for readers to follow along.  You can view the full transcripts of this episode at:

In this podcast we explore steps to take to set up and run an insider risk management program.  We talk about specific organizations to collaborate with, and top risks to address first.  We hear directly from an expert with three decades of experience setting up impactful insider risk management programs in government and private sector.

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Thank you for sharing this. this is really important topic.
It would be nice to have more weblog with best practices and practical videos on this topic.
I am aware of such contents in Microsoft Docs but it is an area where need more contents.