New Blog Post | One Microsoft manager’s entrepreneurial vision for multicloud identity and access


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Balaji Parimi's entrepreneurial vision for identity, access and CIEM - Microsoft Security Blog


In July 2021, Microsoft acquired CloudKnox, a leader in cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM). Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Balaji Parimi, who is now the Partner General Manager of Permissions Management in the Identity and Network Access Division at Microsoft.


Balaji’s journey from studying computer science to creating a successful startup to joining Microsoft is particularly inspiring. He didn’t have the resources or opportunities that many young people pursuing technology careers do, so he created them. He started out following the course of education and employment prescribed for him, and then he broke the mold. He moved to a different country, discovered his passion, and changed his focus. Along the way, he built a network of friends, teachers, and colleagues who recognized his talent, sincerity, and amazing work ethic.


Balaji didn’t get discouraged when he felt losthe just kept going. And when he couldn’t find what he needed in the market, he invented it. Balaji is the quintessential entrepreneur, and I feel so fortunate that he and his team have joined our division.


Balaji’s interview with Microsoft Partner Director of Identity and Access Management Joe Dadzie has been edited for clarity and length. We’ve included three video snippets so you can hear Balaji talk about his career journey.

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