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New Blog Post | Of Kings & Queens & SAP scans to identify the right lineage for a marriage proposal



Of Kings & Queens and SAP scans to identify the right lineage for a marriage proposal - Microsoft Te...

Origin and lineage are fundamental properties being used to balance trustworthiness, value, and quality for all sorts of things in life. In addition to that, it requires credible parties confirming those properties and traceability to prove a claimed lineage. The ancient monarchs didn’t want to get engaged with impostors resulting in damage to their reputation and heritage. The same is true for consumer goods, journalism, scientific publications – or data presented to you to gain insights and make decisions.


Relax, you won’t be picking a partner for life today ;) but we will have a closer look at gaining a deeper understanding into your data estate and its governance.


For many companies, SAP ERP is at the heart of daily business operations and therefore, there is a desire by many stakeholders to leverage SAP data for insights. Data often gets curated in shiny slide decks and interactive dashboards, combining multiple data sources, pivot tables, and excel sheets. 


How do you really know where the data came from, what it actually contains, how it was processed and where it is being used? 


Start your journey to know these answers with Azure Purview, a unified governance solution that supports data classification, metadata discovery, and lineage for your entire data estate across on-prem, multiple clouds, and SaaS applications.


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